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WIN Seneca County Welcomes Additional EPA Inspections

Friday, December 1, 2023

testing-win-waste-senecaWIN Waste Innovations of Seneca County welcomes the additional regulatory scrutiny and inspections as advised by the Ohio EPA.  In addition to the existing numerous inspections by the Seneca County General Health District and the Ohio EPA, the proposed additional oversight will further serve to demonstrate our superior environmental performance and operational excellence.  This will assure the community that the air, groundwater, surface water, and soil at the facility remain within permitted limits to protect the health of our community.

This superior performance is exemplified by the completion of our technologically advanced hydrogen sulfide removal system, an investment of more than $50 million.  This milestone means that WIN Seneca County no longer needs to operate under the shield of the consent order because all the obligations have been satisfied. We are not only meeting the pre-consent order sulfur dioxide emission limits of 2019 but are 30% lower than even those 2019 limits.

WIN Waste Innovations of Seneca County has years’ worth of testing data, and we look forward to the Ohio EPA’s verification of the testing conducted in our facility by qualified environmental technicians over the last five years and moving forward into the future.