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Ohio EPA Says Landfill Improvements Will Further Improve Air Quality

Friday, June 9, 2023

The following public communication was issued by Max Moore, public involvement coordinator for the Ohio EPA:

Work completed at the Sunny Farms Landfill site this week will help decrease the hydrogen sulfide emissions and odors at the facility. 

Win Waste Innovations of Seneca County has installed air pollution control equipment at its Sunny Farms facility to reduce the landfill’s hydrogen sulfide emissions. The hydrogen sulfide removal system was custom designed and fabricated to address the unique emission challenges at Sunny Farms. Ohio EPA’s air permit requires the system to remove at least 98% of the hydrogen sulfide from the landfill gas. This will ensure the area continues to meet national air quality standards.

Ohio EPA ordered the landfill to install this permanent control system at the Fostoria facility as part of a settlement in 2019, after taking enforcement action on Sunny Farms for producing excessive amounts of hydrogen sulfide over several years. 

Ohio EPA’s air team inspected the new system on June 6 and verified that the equipment is treating all landfill gas and removing more than the required amount of hydrogen sulfide prior to flaring the gas in a new enclosed flare. 

We expect this to successfully lower odors and increase neighbors’ comfort at home. However, if you continue to experience unacceptable hydrogen sulfide odors, please call the odor hotline and provide a detailed description of the time and location of the odor: 1-866-419-8639.