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WIN Waste Innovations Receives Favorable Ruling from the Environmental Review Appeals Commission

Friday, March 15, 2024

Landfill inspected an unprecedented 238 times and found to consistently be in compliance

Fostoria, OH – This week, the Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC) granted a stay on a significant motion made by WIN Waste Innovations regarding railcars in the 2024 local operating license and agreed to expedite the hearing to review all 24 license conditions that WIN Waste Innovations has stated are unreasonable, duplicative and therefore unlawful.

“The conditions in our 2024 operating license range from duplicative to nearly impossible,” said Ben Nutter, Community Engagement Specialist for WIN Waste. “There is no legal authority or precedent for the SCGHD to include the conditions, and WIN Waste has, through hundreds of recent inspections proven its compliance and safety record.”

The Commission has historically granted less than 10% of motions for stays. ERAC granted WIN Waste the stay on the requirement for watertight railcars, a law not enforced anywhere else in the United States, because it is unreasonable and unfeasible when shipping waste by rail, an essential service.

WIN Waste has an excellent compliance track record and has of late been receiving alleged violations of these unreasonable operating license conditions. Of the unprecedented 238 inspections conducted over the last three years by the SCGHD and its supervisor, the OEPA, WIN Waste received only one violation that was quickly remedied. Over the course of these inspections, SCGHD and OEPA have specifically found no air, water, solid waste, groundwater or odor nuisances to exist at the landfill.

The inspection process with the Ohio EPA is a collaborative and comprehensive one. While the agency would deliver a notice of violations for any violation apparent in their comprehensive inspection, standard practice is also to give verbal notice of any future potential concern for the landfill to prioritize remediation to prevent an issue from becoming a violation. However, with the potential decision for the expansion nearing, the SCGHD has been sending baseless violations that reflect alleged errors from weeks to months prior, even though no violations were noted on the day of the inspection, as is standard practice.

WIN Waste has gone years without violations and undergone hundreds of inspections because not only is the company striving to be the best corporate partner, but its employees live and work in the same communities they serve. The landfill has gone above and beyond industry standards and invested hundreds of millions in technology and advancement to ensure that WIN Waste operates safely and reliably for the community. For more information, please visit


About WIN Waste Innovations

WIN Waste Innovations is a sustainable provider of essential waste and recycling services. We believe in preserving the environment for future generations while providing for today’s needs. WIN Waste operates a platform of 50 strategically located collection, transfer, and disposal assets, including waste-to-energy facilities, transfer stations, ash monofills, and landfills, as well as fleets of rail cars and collection vehicles, including electric trash trucks. Annually, WIN Waste recycles more than 400,000 tons of plastic, paper and metals from the waste stream and converts more than 6.4 million tons of post-recycled waste into renewable energy — enough to power the equivalent of 340,000 homes. For more information, visit

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