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Landfill 101

Please contact for any inquries or comments you have about WIN Waste Innovations of Seneca County. In the meantime, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

When did WIN Waste Innovations of Seneca County first open?

The landfill opened in 1970 under the name Sunny Farms Landfill.

How big is the landfill? How much waste is buried there?

Landfill space is measured in cubic yards. In mid-2018 there were approximately 23 million cubic yards of waste and soil cover in the landfill, with permitted space for an additional 24 million cubic yards.

What does a landfill look like?

Click here to view a conceptual landfill layout.

Can I bring my waste to the landfill?

We accept materials from both residents and businesses across Ohio whose home counties allow them to bring waste to WIN Waste Innovations of Seneca County. We also accept non-hazardous waste from outside Ohio that meets landfill standards.

What does the landfill accept? What does it not accept?

We primarily accept debris from the construction and demolition of buildings. We also accept non-hazardous solid waste from residences and businesses. We do not accept hazardous, infectious, or toxic wastes.

Why does the landfill accept waste from out of state?

Federal law does not allow restrictions to be placed on wastes from other states. Materials are accepted, if allowed by the facility’s permits, regardless of where the materials originate.

When do you expect the landfill to be full?

Our current projection is that the landfill will be full in 2025. This is why we are pursuing an expansion, which would allow us to continue managing waste safely and effectively.

What will happen when the landfill is full?

The landfill would be covered with a final cap and monitored for a minimum of 30 years. One hundred thirteen of the landfill’s 261 acres already have a final cap in place, and another 22 acres is being capped.

Is there a governing body that oversees or monitors the landfill?

The agencies that oversee the landfill are the Ohio EPA and Seneca County General Health District. They routinely inspect the landfill and we submit logs, data, plans, drawings and applications for review and approval prior to implementation.

Is WIN Waste Innovations of Seneca County in full compliance with state and federal regulations?

Yes. We fully comply with the Clean Air Act and both Ohio and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and regulations. Learn more.

Does the landfill pose any risks to the environment?

No. We apply the best landfill management practices to prevent environmental impact, including:

  • A bottom liner of thick, compacted clay and a dense plastic layer prevent contaminants from entering the ground or water below the landfill.
  • A collection system separates all water that comes in contact with waste to safely transport it offsite for treatment.
  • Groundwater around the landfill is regularly monitored.
  • Regular surface scans are performed to detect landfill gasses.
What impact does the landfill have on public health?

The landfill is subject to numerous state and federal environmental regulations and employs best management practices to ensure there is no impact from our operations on public health.

How do we know the landfill is not harming our water?

Residents have a right to know that this landfill has no negative impact on the water. That’s why a credible third-party expert, BoJhun Environmental, tests the water twice a month at four different outfalls around the landfill. We have invited the media to witness the testing process, and to share the results with them. Once per quarter, we engage in voluntary, quarterly split sampling in partnership with the Seneca County General Health District (SCGHD). Both BoJuhn and SCGHD take their samples back to their own labs and then compare the results – providing yet another check and balance on the water testing process. We have also opened up that testing process and shared those results with the media.

How does the community know if the landfill is taking the proper safety and environmental precautions?

We routinely submit detailed documentation on our operations to the Seneca County General Health District, all of which is publicly available upon request.

What happens to all of the methane gas that is produced?

The methane and other gases are collected by a gas collection system consisting of a network of gas wells, vacuum piping and a flare system which harmlessly burns off the collected gas. Note that methane – or natural gas – is the same gas that many of us burn to heat our homes and businesses. WIN Waste Innovations of Seneca County’s landfill gas treatment system safely removes sulfur from the landfill gas stream converting hydrogen sulfide to solid, elemental sulfur that can be used for soil application and other agricultural purposes.

Why does WIN Waste Innovations choose to burn its collected methane gas instead of pursuing a gas-to-energy solution?

Gas-to-energy projects are fairly complex in the areas of gas quality, the location of end users and infrastructure. WIN Waste Innovations periodically investigates the potential for uses of its gas and will continue to do so. In the meantime, the new gas treatment system safely removes sulfur from the landfill gas stream converting hydrogen sulfide to solid, elemental sulfur that can be used for soil application and other agricultural purposes.

What is being done to minimize potential odors?

We apply soil cover over the landfill’s exposed surface area and check for odors daily. Our gas collection piping system is also expanded annually to collect and burn odor-causing gasses, and our onsite gas treatment system converts hydrogen sulfide to solid sulfur for soil application and other agricultural purposes.

How is WIN Waste Innovations contributing to the Fostoria community?

WIN Waste Innovations of Seneca County provides approximately $5.8 million each year for local government, health services, environmental protection and solid waste services. Sunny Farms employs more than 70 residents who live in this community and invests more than $6 million annually in direct employee payroll. WIN Waste also supports our regional economy by investing approximately $5 million each year in local vendors, and is a major community sponsor, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in events, activities and community partnerships.

Is WIN Waste Innovations hiring?

WIN Waste Innovations continually accepts applications for employment and hires as positions become available. Visit to view our open positions and learn more about working with us.

If I have other questions or comments, who can I contact?

You can contact us at 419-436-0505 or at with any questions. If you’re interested in setting up a tour to learn more about the landfill, you can reach out directly to our Community Engagement Manager, Ben Nutter, at or 419-618-1265.